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Fixer Photograhpy > Justin & Cheryl -ROM
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Justin & Cheryl -ROM

Main Home, Wedding day

Thanks Fixer Photography for capturing our one in a lifetime!

Our wedding was unusually hard& stressful because of the uncertainty given the pandemic situation.

Fixer was accommodating with the constant rescheduling, cancellation and last minute changes. We were glad of this team. We came to know Fixer from a friend’s wedding photo, who caught my wife’s heart (my wife is very particular when it comes to photography & videography but she loves how Fixer captures not only photos, but the moments & jinx of it)! No regrets of engaging Fixer. We put full confidence in them and glad they did not let us down.

We also ended up recommending more friends to them. In hard times like this, it’s not easy to find good photography team who willing to accommodate, and of all challenges we had to face while having our wedding, Fixer was never one of it.

And of course we love the outcomes, very much!

Thanks Fixer